Education Board Result 2020 : SSC, HSC, JSC ALL BD RESULT

All education board result of Bangladesh are published in education board website. is the official website of education board.  JSC/JDC, SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent, SSC (Vocational), HSC/Alim/Equivalent, HSC(Vocational), HSC(BM), Diploma in Commerce, Diploma in business studies, all these exams are organized and monitored my education board Bangladesh. Results of all the above mentioned exam is published on education board website, which is a government run website. 

Education Board result 2020 : SSC, HSC, JSC ALL BD RESULT

After publishing result, Students can get their result through education board result website. Most of the students and their parents do not know the exact process of getting result from website. They, therefore, fail to get result from website. In this post we will show you the quick and easy process to get result from website, others process also included.

How to get Education Board result 2020 online:

On result day every student get tensed thinking about their upcoming result. Everyone wants to get their result as soon as possible. Education board website is the best and easy way to get result. “Besides, students can be able to get JSC/JDC, SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent, SSC (Vocational), HSC/Alim/Equivalent, HSC(Vocational), HSC(BM), Diploma in Commerce, and Diploma in business studies results from one website”.

So it is necessary to know the right process of obtaining result from education board result website. In this article we will break down the process so that you can understand the process entirely and never get stuck.

Here is the interface of education board website where you get result. To get result one has to follow some predefined steps. You have follow each steps accordingly otherwise you will end up getting error no result. So bear with us to the end if you want to know the easy and best way of getting result.

First of all you have to type on browser’s address bar and hit enter. After that a form type window will show up.

Here’s you have to follow some steps and need to put required information to get desired result. Using this form you check all types of result such as SSC/Dhakil/Equivalent, HSC/Alim/Equivalent, JSC/JDC, and others.

Follow the given instruction below to check results,

education board result

Examination: The first box on the form is named examination. Here you have to fill down desired examination type using a drop down menu. You will find all types of examination which is organized by education board. You can check one examination result at a time. If you want to see result of HSC exam, select HSC/Alim/Equivalent from the drop down.

Year: In this box you need to put examination year. As for example, if you want to check HSC result of 2018, select 2018 form the drop down menu.

Board: Select education board name in this box. There are 10 board under education board. Among them 8 general board, one madrasah board, and one technical board. Select your desired board using drop down menu. If you participate HSC exam 2018 under Barisal board, select Barisal board here.

Roll Number: Write down the correct roll number given by the education board when you registered for the exam.

Reg Number: Short form of registration number. Write down the correct registration number that you got form broad.

Captcha: Well this one is not directly connected with you result information. It’s a security system that is being used by most of the website. You need to put the answer of the query shown on the left side just below the reg number. Look at the picture, here shows 4 + 6, that means you have to write down the answer at the right side box. In this case the answer will be 10.

Reset: If you do any mistake in selecting information which is required, just hit the reset button. It will give you a fresh from to fill again.

Submit: If you select all the information correct, then hit the submit button. Your desired result will be displayed on the window in no time.

Using the education board result website you can check previous year’s results as well. If you want to get SSC result of 2010 of a particular student, put all the information of that time and voila. SSC result of 2010 of that particular student will be in front of your eyes, thanks to the high speed internet.

How to get result through Mobile SMS

Mobile SMS system is another easy and authentic way developed by education board to get result. Let’s face it, most of the people of our country are poor and not capable of using smartphone. Most of the people who is living in village with minimum or no internet facility could not be able to get result through education board website. Keeping that in mind education board has incorporated Mobile SMS system in their result distributing process.

The process is very simple. Go to message option in your mobile and type Name of the result<space>Board name<space>Roll number<Space>Exam Year. Then send the SMS to 16222 and in return SMS you will get the result instantly. Sometime it may be delayed due to server load.

Bangladesh secondary and higher secondary education board provide this SMS system. Other’s mobile operators are also part of this system. You can use SIM of any mobile operators in Bangladesh. It’s not free, you will be charged 2.50+VAT for each SMS you send. Here is a example of SMS format

SSC DHA 33427360 2020

That means, SSC represents exam name, DHA stands for Dhaka board, 33427360 is roll number and 2020 is exam year. Send this SMS to 16222 through any mobile operators and they will provide you with result within a short period of time.

Education Board Result SSC 2020

SSC or Secondary School Certificate exam is the most key exam of a student’s life. After completing five years of Primary and five years of high school, a student get a chance for seat SSC exam. In this time period, you have to overcome thousands of pressures from parents, school teachers and house tutors. You can’t even participate most of the family programs.

The day still i m remembering what i had feelings before exam. I didn’t get such feelings of any other exams. After exam the result day came, that was the most stress situation but at last fruitful. You are now passing the same situation. But don’t worry too much. The result is knocking at the door. There are eight boards in general, one technical education board and another one is madrasa education board.

The eight general boards are Dhaka education board, Barisal board, Chittagong board, Rajshahi board, Sylhet board, Comilla board, Jessore board and Dinajpur board. This year the number of participants for SSC exam is 1766603 under all education boards of Bangladesh. The result should be published at 6th May. Now Bangladesh Govt. including Bangladesh education board is highly focusing to get abandon from CORONA.

It’s a World-wide problem now. So you may wait for education board result publishing date. In this time, keep studying and be safe. Wish you best of luck for a good result. When publishing result, you will find here-EDUCATION BOARD RESULT.  You can check all education board result from here ALL EDUCATION BOARD RESULT.

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Dhaka Board

Dhaka board is the oldest board of intermediate and secondary education, established on 7th May 1921.  All high schools and colleges in Dhaka city and Islamic intermediate colleges and high madrasah are maintained by Dhaka board. The number of participants was 361092 under Dhaka board in this year.

And 1825 pupils were absent finally. The exam started at 3rd February and finished at 27th February 2020. Dhaka board SSC result will be published on the same day of whole Bangladesh. To check Dhaka board SSC result click here – SSC RESULT 2020 DHAKA BOARD

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Chittagong Board

The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education started its activities in Chittagong from 1995. It is an autonomous and self-regulatory body in the field of education administration and management in Bangladesh. Considering the growing demand for quality and quantitative education in the country, the Board of Education is trying to develop a center of excellence in the field of education administration.

All high schools and colleges in Chittagong are observed by Chittagong board. This year a sum of total 120498 students were participated in SSC exam. And 400 students were absent. To check Chittagong board SSC result click here.

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Barisal Board

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Barisal had started its journey to developing local educational administration and management system in 1999. There are so many remote schools and colleges are operating by Barisal board. A number of total 94637 students were participated SSC exam this year. And the number of absence students was 354. To check Barisal board SSC result click here –

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Rajshahi Board

At the middle of 19th century in 1958, Rajshahi education board was founded. When it’s a creation of East Pakistan fully control over Dhaka education board for serving the best educational administration and management system. All schools and colleges from northern are controlled from Rajshahi education board.

Presently, this board is expanding the lower secondary, secondary and upper secondary level education of the Rajshahi, Pabna, Sirajganj, Bogra, Joypurhat, Naogaon, Natore and Chapainawabganj districts, improving the quality of education and control, renewing the school-college accreditation.

Academic transcript and fertilizer among HSC Examination, Disclosure and Passed Examination including distribution activities relating to public examinations are conducted. A number of total 186876 students were participated SSC exam this year. And the number of absence students was 653. To check Rajshahi education board SSC result click here –

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Dinajpur Board

In order to promote quality, quality education, Rangpur, Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Gaibandha, Nilphamari, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon and Panchagarh districts have the mandate of secondary and higher education for the promotion and management of secondary and higher secondary education through local jurisdiction and found Dinajpur board in very recent year of 2009.

The activities of the Board are in progress with the first SSC and HSC examination taking place on the 21st. The Dinajpur Board of Education has 717 lower secondary schools, 2597 secondary schools, 657 high schools and degree colleges. A number of total 168935 students were participated SSC exam this year. And the number of absence students was 435. To check Dinajpur education board SSC result click here –

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Sylhet Board

In 1999, The Sylhet education board operation had been started for the purpose of ensuring both qualitative and quantitative education around Sylhet. The local administrative guideline comes from by Sylhet board. It is situated at Alampur, Sylhet Sador. This year there are 91668 students participated to the SSC exam and 358 students were absent finally. To check education board result SSC 2020 Sylhet board click here.

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Jessore Board

The Jessore education board had been started its journey for Khulna division in 1963 by an ordinance for the organization, regulation, supervision, control and development of Intermediate and Secondary level public examinations and educational institutions. Before establishing of Barisal board, it had also been monitoring by Jessore board. Kushtia, Chuadanga, Meherpur, Jashore, Jhenaidah, Narail, Magura, Khulna, Satkhira, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Jhalokathi, Barisal. Patuakhali, Barguna and Bhola were controlled by jessore board.

Now it has only Khulna Division for its operating area. A number of total 184001 students were participated SSC exam this year. And the number of absence students was 534. To check Jessore education board SSC result click here –

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Comilla Board

Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Comilla serves as the regulatory authority of secondary and higher level educational institutions in Comilla district of Bangladesh. This Education Board was established in 1962. Comilla is its current official building on Laksam Road in Kandirpara.

As per the ordinance of the Board, it is empowered to administer and develop public examinations of secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions, secondary and higher secondary level. A number of total 141290 students were participated SSC exam this year. And the number of absence students was 499. To check Jessore education board SSC result click here –

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Technical Board

Technical board had been established in 1954 for examination and certification of technical educational institutions. Their main objective was to manage, supervise, regulate and develop the technical and vocational education and training organizations of the country, conduct the tests, administer and issue diplomas / certificates to the people who passed the tests passed by the Board.

A number of total 109416 students were participated SSC exam this year. And the number of absence students was 2684. To check Technical education board SSC result click here –

Education Board Result SSC 2020 Madrasha Board

With the establishment of the Alia Madrasa in Kolkata, the Alia section of Madrasa officially started its education in the subcontinent of India. Gradually, madrasa education began to expand in various areas including undivided Bengal, Bihar, Assam and Tripura. After the emergence of independent and sovereign Bangladesh in 6, an initiative was taken to make madrassa education age-appropriate and work-oriented under the direct guidance of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

It was during this period that the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board was formed and its activities were started on the Government Madrasah-e-Aliya campus in Dhaka. The Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board was reconstituted with the issuance of the Madrasa Education Ordinance in 1978.

Since then, the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board has been conducting its activities successfully. A number of total 240466 students were participated SSC exam this year. And the number of absence students was 4825. To check Madrasha education board SSC result click here –

Education Board Result HSC 2020

The second most largest public examination is HSC. It is the entrance of Honor’s life. So students are being serious of this exam. This year the total number of registered participants of HSC is 1351505 under 9081 educational institutions. Out of them the male participants are 664496 and the female participants are 687009.

In general, HSC exam started from the beginning of April but this year it is held up for spreading of Corona virus. The HSC exam date is not ensured by the education board yet. And HSC result published the 2nd or 3rd week of July. As the exam is not arranged yet, the result published date may differ. To know HSC result new routine and result published date, click here.

Education Board Result JSC 2020

JSC or Junior School Certificate exams are controlled by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME). This year more than 24 lac students will be seat for JSC exam from all over the country. Every year JSC exam started from first week of November and ended by the 2nd week. And the result published by the 31st December. There are three ways to check JSC result such as check JSC result by online, Check JSC result by SMS, Check JSC result by apps. To check education board result JSC 2020, click here –

Our education board result site is for students who can easily get their result, download marksheet, routine and other educational notices and info. So get in touch to our site for your desired updates. Wish you all the best.  

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